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Empties #4

I'm excited to discover even more amazing skincare next year, but I also have some unopened goodies that are just waiting to be used! So here's what I've finished up, what I'd repurchase, and what I'll pass on. 

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The Top 3: Facial Cleansers

As much as it pains me, I had spent many years thinking that a tight, dry face after cleansing signaled that my skin was "clean." I look back on those dark ages wishing I could slap that tortured face right into a vat full of moisturizer, but luckily those days are far gone.

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Empties #2

Sometimes when you're a bit of a beauty collector (guilty!) it seems like you're cracking open way more than you're actually finishing. I've been trying to get a lot better about making my way through products so they don't go to waste, so here's where I'm at since my last empties round.

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