The Top 3: Glossier Makeup

Is it packaging? Is it hype? Is it really good marketing? Lots of people question the phenomenon that is Glossier, but for me, all it comes down to is that they have some really incredible products that have become staples in my routines (both skincare and makeup). I don't really consider myself the most brand loyal person - if you dig through my stash I probably have 1-2 things from zillions of brands because I'm more of a curious purchaser than a loyal purchaser, but there are the few brands that slowly creep into prominence in my collection - and Glossier has become one of them. Here are my 3 favorite products from their makeup line that I couldn't live without.

1. Boy Brow (I use Black or Clear): out of any part of my makeup routine, my brows take the longest and are the most annoying part of the whole process. I feel like I can never get them to Cara Delevigne levels of perfection, but Boy Brow helps to take my stubborn brows to a much more voluminous and natural place. I used to solely use the Anastasia Brow Gel because my brows just go wherever they want and need to be glued into place, but I didn't love the crunchy feeling and the slight shine I got from that product. I've also purchased a few Benefit brow gels and those always gave me too much product, or flakiness halfway through the day. With Boy Brow, the waxiness of the product really adds a nice "fluff" to my brows while still being matte, and holds them in place without looking super stiff. I do go through these small tubes quite frequently, but this is a product that anytime I feel like I'm running low I immediately order. On low-key lazy days I won't fill in my brows and just swipe on some Boy Brow and call it a day. 

2. Perfecting Skin Tint in Medium: the name for this is a perfect descriptor for this product- not a foundation, not a BB cream, but simply a skin tint. If you're looking for coverage, this ain't it, but if you want to simply even things out a little without having to blend forever or look like you're wearing makeup, this is for you. When I wear this, I can see everything on my skin still - the freckles, the blemishes, it's all there - but I'm okay with letting my skin show, flaws and all. There are times when my skin is having extra bad days, and I'll use something more heavy duty, but for an everyday, breathable, dewy skin filter, this is what I'm reaching for. I like to use a Beauty Blender for the sake of ease when applying, but I'm sure if you used a brush you'd get more coverage out of it.

3. Cloud Paint: when I first purchased these, I wasn't quite sure how to approach it or how to use it, so I kinda tossed it aside in defeat. But once I really gave it a chance, played with it a little and figured out how I like to apply it - it was love. The key for me is to use much less than I think I should, and to use my fingers. The Cloud Paints are so pigmented, and my favorite thing about them is that they mix and match together so easily to create a shade that's tailored to you. I also like that when you wear it, it looks like skin - it's not a cream to powder finish, it just kind of meshes with your skin like a foundation would. It melts in so seamlessly, and you just get this dewy, plump effect that looks like a natural flush. Currently mixing: Dusk & Haze. *You can get a duo and save $6

Do you have any favorites from the Glossier makeup range? There are others that I love, but I decided to stick to the "desert island" picks for this post. The one product I have yet to try is the Haloscope, and although I'm verrry interested in testing it out, I'm currently knee deep in highlighters and not enough face to use them.  You can save 20% on your first purchase if you shop through my rep link, but if you have questions about any of the products, comment or DM me anytime.