Favorite Holiday Lip Products For Under $7

While I am certainly one to support a fancy beauty splurge purchase, sometimes there's nothing like the thrill of finding your favorite lipstick for $5 at the drugstore. Strolling the makeup aisles of CVS is my relaxation equivalent to having a deep tissue massage, and naturally all those miles of aisle wandering have turned into an unruly amount of drawers filled with lipsticks. To prepare for the holiday season, I've dug through my collection and picked out my 8 favorite lip products under $7 that I'll be loving in the fall/winter months. If you're spending on Christmas gifts, you gotta save somewhere, right?


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Prague, Cannes and Monte Carlo ($6.49 at Ulta, some shades are on sale on the NYX website): the texture and wear of the soft matte lip creams has been a long-time favorite for years now. They go on quite mousse-y, they don't dry out your lips, and while they aren't transfer-proof, the extra bit of moisture is exactly what I want this time of year. They have a huge selection of colors, and for me, Cannes is one of the most versatile. It's a warm muted mauve color that I like for low-key, casual days or to pair with a more dramatic, sparkly eye look. On the less neutral side of things, the color Prague is a bright berry shade that isn't quite vampy, but still a fun, bold lip. And if you actually want to walk into vampy territory, try Monte Carlo. It's a deeper red, with some berry undertones that brighten it up. It reminds me of a classic holiday lip that could stand alone as a statement or pair with a dramatic eye. Add glitter and now we're talking.

Maybelline Baby Lips Color Balm Crayon in Refreshing Red ($6.99 at CVS): this gem is one that I admittedly wore all summer, but it will remain in my top drawer all fall/winter too. It's so moisturizing on the lips (key for when you're shriveling up in the cold air), and the color is such a universal shade of red that can go on quite sheer and slightly more pink, or you can build it up for a much bolder look. My favorite way of wearing it is smudged in a bit for a stain effect, or layered with a gloss. 

Revlon Kiss Balm in Berry Burst ($4.49 at Target): balm-y, hydrating goodness that gives a subtle berry tint, and doesn't require a mirror for application. I imagine grabbing for this on those occasions when you know you're going to go in on a holiday feast and don't want to worry about lipstick smearing all over the place, but you still gotta look nice for those photos, y'know? Sometimes you just wanna throw back some turkey without wondering if you have lipstick on your chin.

Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss in Pretty In Hibiscus ($2.49 at Ulta): with a pink base that's packed with glitter, this lipgloss screams disco ball holiday party to me. The color of the gloss is a sheer bright pink, and it's beautiful on its own for a little extra pop of shimmer (to go with that smokey eye), but layered over any pink lip, and you've got juicy, party lip magic. Pair this with the Baby Lips Color Balm Crayon in Refreshing Red and just wait for the light to hit.

NYX Slip Tease Full Color Lip Oil in I Woke Up Like This ($6.99 at Ulta): we can't wear berries and reds all winter long, so I wanted to include a neutral shade that I'm planning to wear on a day-to-day basis. While the shade is your standard nude with mauve undertones, what I really love is the texture and the way it wears on the lips. The shade is not fully opaque, but it gives you a MLBB look while maintaining a healthy, plump pout.

NYX Suede Matte Lip Liner in Copenhagen ($2.80 at NYX): My last favorite is a lipliner that has been my go-to base under any deep berry lipsticks. It can be hard to find a darker lipliner that doesn't drag or isn't patchy, and the ease with which this glides on my lips is impressive, especially for under $3. 

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