November New Product Line-Up

While all of these products may not be necessarily "new" to the beauty community, they're products that are new to me, and things I'm excited about testing out in the next couple of weeks/months. I'm especially pumped to have a new vampy lipstick in rotation, which was 100% enabled by Instagram - story of my life.

Thayer's Alcohol Free Witch Hazel Toner Mists in Rose Petal, Cucumber and Lavender*: the Thayer's toners have long been a staple in many a beauty cabinet, and these mists are still the same lovely, gentle, refreshing formula, but now they're in mist form! Because let's be honest, mists just make life feel so much easier. I've tried and loved the Rose Petal version (in it's original pour-out packaging), so I'm excited to spritz Cucumber and Lavender all over my face. Right now these are exclusive to Whole Foods, but you can buy the non-spritz version here

Purlisse Sheet Masks in Green Tea + Ginger, Green Tea + Vitamin C, Charcoal + Licorice and Coconut + Rice*: I've tried the Blue Lotus + Seaweed sheet mask from the Purlisse line, but just recently received a bunch of their newer releases. All claim to moisturize, but then they break off into specific treatments (nourishing, pore refining, rejuvenating and brightening). I'm an avid sheet-masker, so I'm excited to add these into my rotation.

Dior Rouge Liquid Lip Stain in 979 Poison Metal: Thanks to Instagram and its insane algorithm, I may not see 2/3 of the posts from people I follow, but I will definitely be served a video I've watched once, 6,000 more times in my feed. Yes, I did indeed love the video of @sobong_official swatching this specific Dior lipstick, but after the 80th time I think I was possibly hypnotized to make this purchase. On first lip swatch, it's BEAUTIFUL, a vampy, purple-ish berry color with a metallic sheen that gives it a subtle foil finish. I still need to test wear-time and how it holds up after a little food and drink, but based first impressions are solid.

Tan-Luxe Illuminating Self-Tan Drops for The Body and The Face in Medium/Dark*: newly stocked at Sephora, these drops claim to provide "tailor-made tanning" that's adjustable and bespoke to what you want. The fact that they don't have color guides gets a huge hallelujah from me, because that means I'll save my white sheets from harm, and also no weird self-tan smells! The idea is that you mix these into a body lotion, cream or oil for application, and the more drops you add the deeper the tan. I mainly look for a subtle, healthy glow, so here's hoping I can find the right mix for myself!

*PR Gifted