Empties #3

It's another round of empties, and we've got some heavy hitters in this bunch. Even though I love the feeling of finishing up products, some of these were definite favorites that I'm sad to see go (but happy to repurchase!).


Huxley Secret of Sahara Toner: lightweight, hydrating and easy to layer into oblivion, I loved this watery essence because I could continue to pat in the layers without it ever feeling sticky or heavy, while leaving my skin feeling nourished and soft. It's perfect for the hotter months when you want to still hydrate without weighing down your skin, but I also loved using it in conjunction with more viscous toners in the colder months as well. Gentle, simple, and I'd definitely repurchase.

Indie Lee Rosehip Cleanser: I put my thoughts about this over in my Top 3 Cleansers post, so needless to say it will be dearly missed. I will absolutely repurchase this since it's gentle and quite soothing, but I like to wait for those Anthropologie sales to make my move! 

Cocokind Organic Eye Firming Oil: As an eye moisturizer, this was nice and at times slightly too heavy BUT, I felt like I had zero control over the pump on the product. For an eye oil, you need the teensiest amount to cover both eyes, and trying to get anything less than a full pump was basically impossible, and it got pretty messy. I did the whole, untwist the cap and dot a little bit out on my hand, but it's just kind of finicky. After a while I just started using this as an eye makeup remover (on a cotton pad) and it worked great to remove waterproof mascara and all the other layers of glitter I like to wear, so that was a win!

Context Keratin Conditioner*: This was a really nice conditioner for leaving my hair soft & shiny, without feeling weighed down. Some conditioners I use will feel quite slick and thick in my hair and feel like it's still there when I'm out of the shower, but this felt a lot lighter in comparison. I can't say much in terms of the scalp conditioning claims since I feel like that might take a few more uses to see results, but it is safe for color-treated hair if that's something you're on the lookout for!

Body Blendz Coco Luxe Coffee Scrub*: I love the scent of coconut and coffee, so the two together smell like heaven to me. The texture of this is quite loose, so although it has oils mixed in it, when you grab some out of the bag it feels similar to if you just picked up some rough coffee grounds with an ever so slight touch of moisture to it. It worked great at sloughing off and smoothing out the dry skin on my body, and you don't really feel much of the oil residue once you rinsed off. I said this in my Instagram post review, but it can get a little messy. The coffee granules can sort of fly into the nooks and crannies of your shower if you're not careful, but the plus side is it doesn't make your tub slippery and oily after it's gone. One note - I have seen on their website that some people use this on their face to exfoliate - I didn't do that and would say that from feeling the texture of the granules, it'd be pretty harsh and rough on the skin. 

Glossier You sample: I received this sample of the Glossier You perfume with a purchase, and I believe they're still putting them in all orders being placed so people can sniff before deciding to buy. I bought the full-size if that tells you anything about my opinion on the fragrance, but something about it smells easy, casual & clean. I've likened it to the cozy sweater of perfumes before, and that's what it reminds me of - something worn-in, not too loud, but comfortable.
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Golden Moroccan Rose Water*: this has one ingredient in it - rose centifolia flower water (apparently a cabbage rose). It was a simple, refreshing mist that was watery and left no residue behind, which is probably why I used it so frequently and ran through it so quickly. It was my go-to midday spritz because it was so lightweight and wouldn't fuss with my makeup, but with the ridiculous amount of sprays I have on hand, I'll pause on the restock.

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