5 Products To Get You Glowing

Other than dry, flaky skin, dullness is my number 2 enemy in the colder months. I aim to look dewy and healthy at all times, and the dry winter air just sucks the glow right out of my face. Now that the weather has officially hit below the fifties, I've brought to my top shelf the five products I depend on to bring my skin back to life, and ensure the glow stays put 24/7.

Odacite Rose + Neroli Hydra-Vitalizing Treatment Mist: I have many a rosewater facial mist in my collection, but the addition of neroli & ylang ylang oil in this Odacite mist is what I attribute the extra glow factor to. While I like to use this as a toner in my skincare routine, I also throw it in my bag for a mid-day refresh, even though mid-day to me is like 3x a day during the winter, but who's really counting?! A quick mist just perks up my skin when it's feeling dull, and gives me a few extra miles in my makeup when I've been wearing it all day and it's looking a little "worn" in. It's like a rejuvenating splash to the face. 

Back To Basics Skincare Rosehip Radiance Oil: Although this rosehip oil is a year-round PM routine staple, I start pulling it into my AM routines during this season to give my skin a much needed moisture boost and extra dose of brightening, while also finishing off my skincare with a dewy glow. It's a blend of  8 different oils (you can check them out here), and occasionally I'll add a drop to my foundations if I'm trying to get to J.Lo glisten status. Along with rosewater mists, I've accumulated quite a few rosehip oils, and this one is in my current top 3.

MAC Strobe Cream in Peachlite: Another glow multi-tasker, MAC strobe cream is a classic, but I picked up the Peachlite last year and my life has changed. It's slightly warmer than the original, which I think works better on my medium skin-tone, and I use it in two main ways. First, I like to mix it into any foundation for a little more dimension and glow in my base - the sparkles in it aren't noticeable so it just adds a nice sheen to the skin. I also like to use this is a highlighter, lightly tapping on the high points of my face for some extra pop. And if I want to amp it up even more, I'll layer a powder highlighter on top of it and hope I catch some good light. 

Glossier Priming Moisturizer: in the summertime this serves as a simple lightweight moisturizer, but in the colder months I like to switch this over as a primer before applying my makeup. It doesn't necessarily fill pores like a classic silicone primer, but gives me an extra boost of moisture and dewy-ness that helps my foundation melt a lot better into my skin. I have much less chance of my foundation catching on any dry patches if I use this first, and sometimes I'll mix in some liquid highlighter to get some extra glow. It's lightweight enough on my skin to moisturize, prime and not get super oily.

Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in Lunch Money: this creamy highlighter glides on like butter and is much more blingy than MAC's Peachlite when it comes to highlighting. It's a super light gold sheen that almost looks wet on the skin, and I like to go over it softly with my damp beauty blender to press it in even more. Even though you can build it up to quite a blinding highlight, you can also play it down with a softer touch, and it's just so easy and versatile. Use it on your cheekbones! Use it on your inner corners! Use it as an eyeshadow! It's one of my faves (although the Colourpop highlighters formulas in general are top notch).

Do you care about getting extra glowy in the winter months? And do you have any staples to amp up the dew?

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