What's In My Fridge: The Beauty Shelf

In my fridge next to the apples and above the kimchi, I have a sacred section I lovingly dedicate to skincare products (much to my husband's annoyance). While these aren't "refrigeration necessary" items, they are products that I prefer to keep chilled for the sake of freshness, refreshment, or because sometimes you just gotta faux-spa at home. Even in the winter months, sometimes I just need a shock of refreshment to perk up the day.  Here are the products I like to keep stashed in my refrigerator for safe keeping.



Vitamin C Serums: Right now I have two vitamin C serums getting frosty in the fridge, the Tiam C Source (an incredibly reasonably priced, and effective vit c serum) and an unopened COSRX Triple C Lightning Liquid. Keeping your vitamin c stored in a cool, dark place slows down the oxidation process and can help to keep the product fresher, longer - which is fantastic considering you're investing your hard earned money in a product that you want to last you a while! My last vitamin C serum (Drunk Elephant C-Firma) I used to keep stored in my bathroom and it oxidized wayyyy quicker than my chilled serums, so these are a definite fridge staple for me. It is a little annoying having to leave my bathroom and grab it out of the fridge, but I know it's worth it to extend my precious serum's life. 

Jade Roller: I can't even image not having this hit my face in it's ice cold form. I like to use the jade roller for puffiness because if I even SMELL soy sauce, I puff up like a microwaved marshmallow, and when the jade roller is nice and cold I feel like it helps to de-puff so much quicker. Sometimes I'll pull this out at the very end of my routine, or right after my serum step to work it into my skin. It's also nice that this has a smaller side to get into my eye area easier, and de-puffing my eyes is priority #1 in the morning. I bought this randomly off Etsy for a pretty low price, but I know Herbivore and Mount Lai sells some as well!

Spritz: A fresh, cooling spritz in the morning to wake me up, or a mid-day refresher is one of my favorite, simple pleasures in life. I have facial mists for dayysss, so I like to keep one (or two) stashed away to chill for when I need a good pick-me-up. Now that I have the Thayer's facial toner in cucumber, I'm thinking that'll be the perfect addition to the shelf. Stay away from chilling any mists that have oils in the mix, since they may firm up when cooled and clog up!

Sheet Masks: When the redness on my cheeks decides to strike, or I just want something cooling and soothing on my face, a cold sheet mask is incredible. While this is something I enjoy a lot more in the summertime, sometimes I just need a shock of cold on my face to wake me up. Double fridge love? Lay on a cold sheet mask, grab your chilled jade roller and start rolling all that cold goodness into your skin - for a prone-to-puffy-face gal like me, I find this really helps to shrink the salt damage down a little bit. I typically pick out my hydrating or soothing masks to pop in the fridge, and re-up my stash when it gets low. 

Do you stash any skincare/beauty products in the fridge? 

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