Lazy Day Skincare Routines

I lovveeeee a long, indulgent skincare routine. Trust me, if I don't have several layers of toner, in paranoia I'll touch my face in search of dry patches because I'm sure they're there. But sometimes, especially with the holidays coming up, you're exhausted and beat and the sheer thought of standing at your sink is too much for you to handle. Maybe you've been holiday shopping all day, maybe you've had to deal with one too many family members, or maybe you just don't want to miss out on watching Elf for the 10th time, so you wanna make your routine quick and to the point. In these cases, here are my bare minimum essentials for when I literally can't even but you know you should- just a little bit.


Lazy morning essentials

Lazy Morning Essentials: Cleanser, Moisturizer & Sun Protection
While I'd consider myself a morning person, there are those days when you wake up and immediately want to go back to bed. The first thing I grab to cleanse? My Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser for something gentle & no fuss. For a more in-depth review, you can head here, but just know, it's a favorite for its simplicity. After cleansing I'll pick up a moisturizer that will sink in quickly but still plump up my skin (I've been loving the Pai Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream and the Farmacy Honeydrop Lightweight Moisturizer, they're both lightweight but incredibly moisturizing). For the last step, I'll pick out an SPF that will add to the moisture and hydration, but doesn't require I stand there and blend it in for days. My current favorite is the Missha Essence Sun Milk SPF50+ because it not only protects, but gives my skin a healthy dewiness without even needing to apply makeup. It's quite a water consistency compared to other cream sunscreens, but pats in like an essence and makes everything that much quicker.


Lazy nighttime essentials

Lazy Nighttime Essentials: Makeup Remover, Cleanser, Moisturizer
Sleeping with my makeup on feels like leaving my contacts in at night. It's like I'm failing myself when I know it takes sheer seconds to do. So with that internal guilt, I always remove my makeup, even on the sleepiest days, because I know that future me will be pissed if I wake up with a breakout and an eye infection from old mascara.  I've been dedicated to this Bioderma Micellar Water for Sensitive Skin (the Garnier one's are easier to find in-store and a bit cheaper), and if I'm wearing heavier eye makeup, any oil-based eye makeup remover will do (I've been reaching for this Cocokind eye oil). After that I'll cleanse, and the Dr. Roebuck's Creme Cleanser is simple, gentle & nourishing. To seal it all in before I fall into my bed, I moisturize with something that can hydrate and treat my skin at the same time. I like the Blithe Pressed Serum because it feels like my skin is drinking a glass of water without suffocating it, while also giving me nourishment and treatment.

Do you have go-to lazy day products? Multi-taskers to help you through the tired? Let me know!

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