What's On My Wishlist

We all have them. That list in your Notes app that seems to grow longer by the day, to remind us of all the things we want to buy, but notttt just yet. Maybe the next paycheck? Maybe the next sale? Or maybe reviews will come out that will tip you one way or the other. Whatever reason you have for "the list," I think it's a good idea to put your "products wants" in a sort of buyer's purgatory, so you can have a longer think on if you really need that new toner that just came out but you don't know if it's good (but what if it sells out, and you have gift card so why not?!).

So here are the products I've got stacked up in my wishlist, and maybe you can convince me if I should buy, pass or keep it in limbo via my notes app. 

Jordan Samuel (everything): Yes, by everything I mean, I want it all. The glowing reviews and the flood of products in my Instagram feed has me chomping at the bit, and I'm especially desperate for the Hydrate serum & the After Show cleanser - but then I look at my heaped up stash of skincare and I think, not yet Melanie, it's not time.

Alkimi Cinco: I love facial oils SO much. Seriously, out of all my skincare products, facial oils are currently at an all-time inventory high, which is also maddening since they take me a long time to get through (I use about 3 drops a routine, so that makes for a slow depletion rate). Thus is why I haven't yet purchased Alkimi's Cinco, but MY GOD do I want it on my face. The blend of oils sounds like 100% magic, and sometimes I just want to give a bunch of my oils away so I have space for more, but that's crazy, right? *begin internal justification*

Stratia Liquid Gold: Sometimes, you just want to try a sample of something before you commit, and this is one of those cases. And of course, this isn't available in-stores, so there's the online only conundrum. It's like craving Chik-Fil-A on a Sunday - you'll always want it, but you're never gonna get it.

May Lindstrom Honey Mud: rave reviews plus honey as an ingredient plus they used "optimal hydration and individual rhythm" in their product description = WANT. BADLY. But the $90 price tag makes my debit card literally melt. This is one of those scenarios where if they sold it for half the amount and half the price, I could justify a $45 splurge, but until that happens, I'll keep staring at it longingly. Maybe I'll make my sister split it with me and decant half into a jar. Listen, I'm just trying to to live a champagne life on a beer budget.

Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner: Toners are a weakness of mine, and with the promise of hydration and nutrients without fragrance or dyes, that sounds like music to my skincare junkie ears. This is one that I'm more likely to purchase sooner than later, but it has been sitting in the purchase queue for a while, so I think I've waited long enough.

Joanna Vargas Exfoliating Mask: I actually added this to my list after watching a video where Jordan Samuel noted it as either one of his favorites or one he'd recommend (clearly this has been on the list for a while) and it's just been sitting there ever since. I imagine I'm just keeping this here on the off-chance that I decide I need to treat myself after a rough day.

So what's on your list, or maybe I should add something to mine?! Let's enable each other! In one day when Liah Yoo's new skincare line launches, that'll go in the list too. See, I'm already adding to the last!