Empties #4



And with the New Year quickly approaching, I'm hoping to have even more empties before 2018 hits because I am reallllly trying to finish up some products. I'm excited to discover even more amazing skincare next year, but I also have some unopened goodies that are just waiting to be used! So here's what I've finished up, what I'd repurchase, and what I'll pass on. 

Thayer's Witch Hazel Toner in Rose Petal: I always find that some of my favorite skincare products are the simplest ones, which is why I love Thayer's Witch Hazel Toner so much. It's super gentle on the skin, doesn't dry me out, and layers easily with the rest of my skincare. I like to use this as a first toner to start with a clean slate, and then I'll layer other hydrating toners on top. This is also my mid-day refresher MVP since it brings my face back to life without disturbing my makeup. Skincare staple for life.

French Girl Facial Moisturizer in Rose Du Maroc: I started off liking this moisturizer since it's a lovely light cream blended with oils that gave it a sort of slippery texture but provided good moisturization. But once I started getting through the jar, I found that the oils continued to separate more from the cream and it wasn't sinking into my skin as nicely as when the package was freshly opened. The oils would just sit on my skin and start feeling heavier, causing congestion around my t-zone. I ended up finishing the rest up as a body moisturizer, but unfortunately I wouldn't repurchase. 

Farmacy Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizer: I got this little mini as a Sephora point perk and used it up so fast because it's amazing. There's honey, propolis and royal jelly extract in it, which are all things my skin responds to really well, so I had a good feeling about this before I even used it. It's lightweight, but my skin drinks it right up without feeling weighed down or suffocated. Some days I'll layer this with oil when my skin feels extra parched, but normally this is perfectly hydrating for the winter months. I already have another jar waiting in the wings!

Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm: I think this was another Sephora point perk quite a while back, but I really enjoyed this eye cream. The texture of it was between a balm and a cream, and I felt like it created this kind of protective barrier when I applied it that then sunk in really nicely and kept my undereyes feeling moisturized. I also noticed it helped smooth out the undereye area, which made concealer application way easier. When it comes to eye cream, I'll try one here and there and not be devoted, but I would repurchase this!

Planted Essentials Balance Oil (Rosehip & Geranium)*: This oil is intended to be a facial oil, but since I didn't love how it worked out on my skin (I felt like it kind of sat on my skin, and didn't sink in very easily), I ended up just using as a body oil! Listen, I might have more skincare products to count, but I'm no waster. The scent of it is lovely though, so it was soothing to have on before heading to bed!

Glossier Super Bounce: Another simple product that I was initially unsure about, but grew to love. It's lightweight, hydrating, sinks in quickly & was perfect for day or night - simple & effective. That being said, I'm dying to try the Jordan Samuel Hydrate & have a Dr Roebucks hydrating serum waiting in the wings, so I might wait a little while before repurchasing, but I know this will be in my skincare shelf again. 

Context Keratin Shampoo*: This didn't weigh my hair down or leave any residue behind, and I never noticed it drying out my scalp either (hooray!). What I really enjoyed about this shampoo was how smooth my hair would be after it was dried, and my normally crazy fly aways felt way less crazy whenever I used this. Another simple but effective product (are you noticing a trend?). 

Pai Gentle Genius Camellia & Bergamot Body Wash*: This is an SLS free gel body wash that was the perfect thing to use while I continue to battle dry winter skin. This never left my skin feeling parched or dry, and the camellia oil added some light moisture, which has been much needed. The scent was also really subtle, but super soothing, and kind of felt like a mini aromatherapy session in the shower. Pai is one of my favorite brands because every product I've used has been so good to my dry & redness-induced skin.

Peach Slices Acne Spot Dots: I don't see much of a difference between these patches and the COSRX acne pimple master patches other than the fact that I can grab these at my local CVS. Hydrocolloid patches sit firmly on the "always repurchase" list since my battle against pimples never seems to end.

Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer in Tatin: I've gone through more tubes of this than I can count, but who would've thought one of my favorite concealers would be a $14 Sephora brand one? I've tried SO many different brands and formulas (drugstore, high-end & everything in-between), and all I really want is a concealer that doesn't look ashy, won't crease too much & covers up as much darkness as possible without getting cakey- and so far the Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer is the closest I've gotten. The backup is already open & in use!

Here's to finishing up products and getting rid of clutter in the New Year! Do you like finishing up products too, or does it bum you out to see your favorite products go in the bin?

*gift/pr gift, but all opinions are my own