Products I Fell Out Of Love With

Testing and reviewing products can be pretty straightforward - I loved this, I didn't like this, I kinda liked this, you get the gist. But sometimes my feelings about products can have ups and downs and plateaus, and I think that's totally normal! Sometimes you use a product and you start out hating it, and then realize that if you use or apply it a different way, you actually can't live without it. But today I'm talking about the reverse - products that I started out liking, and then fell out of love with. I'm not saying these are bad products by any means, but one's that have fallen in the ranks or I've found better alternatives for. I'll keep using these product because I'm not one to waste, but let's just say they aren't on the repurchase list.

Son & Park Beauty Water: When I bought this, I was excited for it's multi-tasking claims. It's a toner! It's a cleansing water! It's "beauty" water (whatever that means)! I mainly used it as a cleansing water, and loved how gentle and non-drying it was, but once I compared it to my Bioderma in terms of both performance and price, I realized that the Bioderma was the clear winner and way more wallet friendly. 

Glossier Priming Moisturizer (original): I do use this pretty frequently still as a moisturizing primer, and in the warmer months I used it as my daytime moisturizer. While it is still a solid performer, I find that my skin now just needs a touch more hydration and moisture than this can give me, and I've found other primers and lightweight moisturizers that can give me that. I might repurchase sometime in the future, but for right now I have other products that I'm loving a bit more.

Herbivore Blue Clay Mask: I'm not really sure what compelled me to pick this up, but it was my 2nd powder clay mask I ever purchased and I was excited to have more control over my masking mix. It's hard to explain why I don't love this other than the fact that after getting to use lots of other powder clay mask options, this one is just, okay. As a clay mask, sure my skin looks a little brighter after using, but sometimes it stings to use, and I feel like after tons of uses, the results are just okay. Nothing bad about it, just no strong feelings either.

Drunk Elephant Umbra Tinte Physical: Any kind of tinted skincare makes me excited because it means I can skip a step in my makeup routine! The tint does look nice on my skin (some with fairer skin have said it's slightly orange, but I don't have that issue), and the finish doesn't make me feel greasy. There are some slight sparkles in it which are unnecessary, but that isn't what bothered me either. What ended up being the the downfall was actually the annoying pilling that can happen upon application. I have to apply this in a very specific way and work in small sections for it to not pill on me, and for something that's supposed to save me time it's kind of annoying. Does it work well and look nice? Yes. But it can be a pain in the ass. 

Are there any products that you once loved but find yourself not reaching for them anymore?