Empties #2

Sometimes when you're a bit of a beauty collector (guilty!) it seems like you're cracking open way more than you're actually finishing. I've been trying to get a lot better about making my way through products so they don't go to waste, so here's where I'm at since my last empties round.


Erbaviva Firming Oil Phase 2*: a much thicker texture oil than other body oils I've used, this gives me a slight warming sensation and is supposed to help with skin's toning and firming ability. While I can't speak to firming up the skin (I'll just hope it did!), it did provide lovely moisture that lasted long after it was applied. This product is also sulfate-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free and vegan!

Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence Mist: I love the fact that this essence came in mist form, because sometimes ya girl is too lazy to do all that patting. I enjoyed it for its convenience, but the smell weirded me out and it was pretty lightweight on hydration - which I appreciated in the summer, but I think I want something with more hydrating oomph. Decent product, but there are other essences that work better for my thirsty skin!

Arcona Hydrating Serum: I bought this on a whim about 2 years ago when I had run out of my other hydrating serum and needed a quick replacement. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this - it has hyaluronic acid & honey, and was what I always went to when I wanted a serum that would hydrate but not react with any other active products I was using. I'm making my way through some other serums, but this was pretty good, if not a little pricey for what it is. It's also paraben-free, phthalate-free & sulfate-free!

Huxley Secret of Sahara Essence Grab Water: This is one of my favorite essences, and it was lightweight, hydrating, and simple. Again, it is pretty pricey at $58, but it's such a consistently well-performing product for me and one that I would absolutely repurchase. The watery gel texture had a soothing quality to it, and my skin had a plumpness about it after I would use it. 

Tatcha Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35 PA+++: my favorite SPF I've used yet. It does help to sort of smooth your skin out as it claims, and kind of reminds me of a primer, but in a creamy, moisturizing formula, This sat well under my makeup and never felt cakey or heavy. It is pretty expensive for a sunscreen, and I think this Missha Sun Block could serve as an affordable alternative (not exactly the same, but similar enough), but it is such a lovely product that I would repurchase! You can also test the trial size if you aren't sure! 

Tarte Clean Slate Timeless Smoothing Primer: This is my second jar of this primer, and I really just enjoy the simplicity of the product. It will pill if you use too much of it (it's a silicone-y primer vs. a moisturizing one), but once you get the hang of how much to use, it smoothes out my skin, covers up my pores and gets the job done. There's no bells and whistles, but it primes the skin, gives me a good base for foundation to go over it, and that's all I'm really looking for. I think they repackaged and renamed it, but this seems to be the same product! 

Glossier Boy Brow in Black: This is my third tube, but I go through them so frequently that I kind of forget to keep them for empties! This is a more waxy formula, and it gives me exactly the kind of natural, bushy, fluffed up eyebrow that I'm after (a la Brooke Shields, if you will). It's not a hairspray hold kind of product, there's no crispiness to the hairs, but it's kind of like adding texturizing spray to your brows if that makes any sense at all. It just gives the brows more "zhoosh," and despite me doing a terrible job of explaining, the fact that I consistently purchase this is testament to the fact that it's BOMB. You can shop with me here, and get 20% off your first order, and free shipping on orders $30 or more :).

Care Of Vitamins*: It's hard to review vitamins. I can't really say anything specific about how it changed the way I felt or the impact it had on my health because y'know, how do you even know? Sometimes you just take care of yourself because you know it's good for you, and I really love how Care Of caters to what you specifically need. It's not some random multivitamin on a shelf, you take a quiz about your lifestyle and your concerns and they suggest what might help with that to create a personalized mix. I mainly focused on things like my stress, anxiety & heart health (one might think these are all related - that's a different blog post), but they've got a ton of options!

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch: These clear little circular patches are my LIFE. You get 24 of these hydrocolloid patches in three different sizes, and anytime I see a zit starting to crop up I pop one on and wear it overnight (sometimes during the day when I'm just hanging around the house). I used to use harsher spot treatments but I'd always end up with dry patches of skin, which then turned into having to deal with a flaky spots on my face, and these have never given me that. They won't completely cure a zit overnight, but they do help to calm and treat them so don't get any more vicious. Smaller blemishes definitely don't stand a chance against these unassuming little stickers! I'd 100% repurchase, I'm just using the Peach & Lilly version right now

Anyone else feel incredibly satisfied when they actually finish products? It's the small victories in life. Now, if I can get myself to finish a full lipstick tube, I'll truly be impressed.

*PR Gifted, but not sponsored! All opinions are my own because I really don't know any other way :)