Modeling Mask-Off


A couple months ago, I decided to FINALLY give modeling masks a try. I had seen them floating around all over the place, and every time I saw an Instagram video of someone post-modeling mask, I thought DAMN - I neeeeed that glow. So I figured, instead of picking up one to test out, I'd try out four different brands and see who reigned supreme. The general idea is that you get a powder that you mix with water or a mixing medium until it turns into an icing-like consistency, then you ice your face, the mask turns to a rubber-like feel, and then you peel it off to reveal perfect skin (or so they say). Here's how it went.

Lindsay Collagen Modeling Mask ($6 from Glow Recipe):
This was the first one I tried, so I decided to educate myself with a Glow Recipe video on how to mix up and apply the mask - and instead of filling the water up to the line as the instructions suggest, I just eyeballed it until it got to a "frosting" texture. The consistency was thick but spreadable, and it was easy to apply to the face. I didn't have any dripping issues, and used about 3/4 of the mix, even with a pretty thick layer on my face. After about 15 minutes, I started peeling around the edges of the mask and got it off in one piece!! So damn satisfying. The inside of the mask as I was removing it felt really cool and kind of wet, but I didn't have any residue on my face. My face felt calmed, soothed, firmed, hydrated - just generally way better than before I had used the mask. The next morning, my skin still looked clear and bright.

Ettang Propolis Rubber Mask ($4 from UrbanOutfitters):
Major. Fail. I couldn't even get this on my damn face. When I tried to mix the water in with the powder, it was so chunky and lumpy and weird, it didn't adhere to my face at all - it literally slid right off. I couldn't get anything close to an even layer, so I called it quits and settled on a sheet mask that night. Don't waste your money.

MD's Pick Aqua H.C. Moist Collagen Modeling Mask ($9 from Glow Recipe):
This one is a little different because it has a mixing base that you use with the powder instead of water. This was the easiest and quickest to mix up, and I much prefer this wider container over the little ramen cups. It did have the runniest texture of them all, but wasn't too hard to work with. I would say it was slightly high-maintenance since it was a bit drippy, so I had to stand over the sink for a little while to pick drips up with the spatula and re-spread into place. It was harder to get a consistent spread, but not a deal-breaker. I left this on longer than the others (30 mins) and the outside of the mask still felt wet and soft when it was time to come off. Once I started peeling the edges the mask basically fell off my face, and I had no little bits left behind. I was left with essence afterwards (the only mask that had that), and my skin looked really hydrated and plump and radiant. 

BioCare Charcoal Sculpting Mask (I think it was $3, from T.J. Maxx):
I was shocked to see rubber masks at T.J. Maxx, and was slightly afraid because I hadn't seen or heard of this brand before. When I mixed this one up, it was a slightly thicker texture but mixed easy and adhered well to my face. There was lots leftover in the cup, and the mask had a pretty minty scent to it. Something that happened with this and none of the others are that the edges started drying out a little, so it was more difficult to remove. For the most part it came off in one piece, but I had a few crusty bits left behind from the dried out parts of the mask. My skin did feel soothed afterwards, and my face zit a little less angry. My face didn't feel as moisturized as the Lindsay mask, and it gave me more of a matte skin finish rather than glowy.

Overall, my two favorites were the Lindsay and the M.D.'s Pick, but if I had to choose between the two, I would give it to the Lindsay mask. It's less expensive than the M.D.'s Pick, has an easier application and wear process, and gave pretty much the same result afterwards. These are pretty pricey for a one-time use, but I think these are a great "spa night" or treat yourself kinda product for when you want a little something extra in your routine. Have you tried any modeling masks? What did you think?