Glossier Lidstar: Glistening Eye Glow Review


We all got the hint that something sparkly was coming when we saw a Glossier tag on Beyonce's perfect lids on Instagram last month, and now it's here. Glossier Lidstar is described as a glistening eye glow (aka a cream eyeshadow) that is launching Monday (3/5) with six shades, Moon, Fawn, Herb, Lily, Cub and Slip. It comes in slim, plastic tube packaging with a soft flocked wand applicator that's lightweight and easy to control. The shades are sheer, although buildable, and I'd consider them more washes of color rather than full-on intensity. The texture of the product is light and mousse-y, which gives you time to blend and work with the product if you want to smudge or blend it out. There is no tackiness once the product dries down, and I didn't have issues with creasing when testing during a 12-hour wear- although I always wear a lid primer, and don't have oily lids. I haven't worn this out on a warm, summer day to really put it to the test, but the texture is so light, I don't think I'll have any meltdown issues. I currently have Moon, Fawn, Herb & Slip, so let's get into them! *One note! I have a medium skin tone, so the way these wear and swatch on me will be different for others. Also, the hand swatches were slightly more pigmented than when I was using them on my eyes, so something to keep in mind!

Moon: a sheer ivory base with holographic glitters, via Glossier's description: the sheerest cream base with blueish opalescent glimmer. The main star of this shade are the beautiful holographic sparkles that are tiny enough to be subtle, but SO fun to wear for a person like me who can be afraid of colorful glitter. Once I applied it to my eyes, the ivory color of the product sheered out to basically nothing and I was left with wonderful rainbow micro-glitters. I imagine this being so pretty when the sun hits just right.

Fawn: a cool-toned, muted purple base with purple shimmers, via Glossier's description: a cool, smoky taupe with violet and neutral gold pearls. This color screams smokey-eye to me, but it makes it a lot more approachable since it starts soft and can be built up. Once I sheered out the color, it looked less purple on me and felt more grey and smokey, although the purple sparkles do give it a little pop. 

Herb: a bronze/coppery, olive green base with gold shimmers, via Glossier's description: a smoky green with yellow gold pearl. This one looked intimidating in the tube, but it does sheer out a bit, although the base is visible and doesn't sheer out completely on me like Slip or Moon did. The warmth of this color is one I typically gravitate towards, and I can see using this as a base for other shadows if I was doing a full look.

Slip: a soft, sheer pink base with lots of tiny gold shimmers, via Glossier's description: a sheer baby pink with golden highlight effect. The actual pink color of this Lidstar really isn't visible on my medium skintone, it really just shows up as a bit of warmth on my lids, but there is a nice subtle golden shimmering effect that shows up. I tried adding more layers to see if I could get the pink to show up, but it kept sheer-ing out, although I still liked the effect. I could see using this as an everyday lid color with a pop of Dior Glow on the lips.

The other two I don't have are:
Lily, a sheer lilac base with blue and violet pearls
Cub, a rose gold with warm shimmer effect

The shades and the formula stay true to how I see Glossier makeup in my mind, which is a more subtle approach to makeup. The colors are quite neutral, but still fun, and the sheerness of the eye glow doesn't hide your skin, just adds something extra. I'm currently favoring Slip the most since a wet, shimmery eye is something I want to wear everyday, but I'm sure they'll all get some loving in my spring makeup routines!

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Get Lidstar starting Monday here

*this product was gifted by the brand, but all opinions are my own