The 5 Products That Will Be On My Spring Top Shelf


It's time for spring cleaning, and I've been diligently reorganzing and weeding through my skincare and beauty shelves to get ready for warmer temperatures and sunnier days. It's time to put some of my winter go-to's into hibernation, and bring to the top some of the products that I already know I'll be reaching for over and over (and already am, honestly).

Supergoop Invincible Setting Powder*: I am an avid sunscreen lover, and with every morning routine there is always a final layer of SPF all over my face and neck. BUT, as loyal as I am to SPF, I'm really terrible at reapplication. If I'm out and about by the pool or doing something outdoorsy, re-application is easy and it does happen! But once I have a full face of makeup on, I just can't seem to figure out how to re-apply my sun creams without disturbing the whole situation. But now, with Supergoop's updated Invincible Setting Powder, I really have no excuse. It's a very lightweight powder, it's compact & easy to throw in the bag. You pop off the top, a brush applicator is inside, and if you give it a little shake, the powder comes out into the brush. I solemnly promise to re-apply SPF from here on out.

Sephora Collection #Lipstories Lipstick in Take A Bite : I wear a bright red lip no matter the season, but the past few months I've been leaning on the glossy, sheer, pink/berry side of things. After taking a break from bold lips, I really want to pull out the brights again and start playing with color, starting with this #Lipstories lipstick. The packaging of the whole range is so stinkin' cute, and they're only $8 each! Tempting for someone like me who, once I find something I like, I'll want it in every color (clothing, makeup, nail polish- it's a problem). They have a ton of different finishes, so there's lots to choose from.

Tan-Luxe The Water*: This is a hydrating tanning water, and considering I'm a major tanning noob, I'm in LOVE with this. It's so easy to apply, you just spray the water on and use a mitt to disperse it evenly. It dries quick, there's no sticky feeling, and no tanning guide that'll get all over your clothes like some other tanning lotions/creams. I've tried a handful of other self-tanner brands, and this has been the easiest by far in terms of application, and it also gives you good control over how intense you want the color to be. I usually do a pretty thin layer just to give myself a little hint of something, but I imagine I'll be amping it up way more in the spring/summer. Highly recommend!

Dr Roebuck's Bondi Hydrating Mist*: Pretty much any mist I own sits on the top shelf because I use them all so frequently, and rotate them often. Does the Bondi Hydrating Mist get extra love because of its subtle coconut scent that feels very appropriate for the warmer weather? Obviously, yes. But it is lightweight, with no stickiness, and lightly hydrating. Perfect for misting in a routine, or freshening up during the day. I'm also having visions of popping it in the fridge and misting it on my body throughout the hotter days. Can't. Wait.
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Gourmand EDP Fragrance in Citron Glace: I'm determined to collect more of the Gourmand fragrances from UrbanOutfitters, but this has been my latest pick and it makes me think of sunny days and a cool breeze. The notes are sparkling lemon, velvet jasmine, crystallized sugar, and it smells of sweet citrus without being too sickly. It's light and fresh and bright, which is exactly what I'd want for spring.

*items marked with an asterisk have been gifted, but all opinions are my own