Valentine's Day Wishlist

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and while my husband and I don't really do gifts (we tend to go the vacation/fancy dinner route), a gal can still wishlist. Here's what I'd hint at if we did the whole gift thing, aka things I'll probably eventually buy myself in the near future.


1. Rose Statement Drop Earring: I just love how small & sweet these are. I always forget to wear earrings when I leave the house, but maybe I'd be better if I had these cuties!

2. The Wild Gift Sunglasses: I am a sunglasses FIEND. I have an entire drawer of them, and the funniest part is that I bought a huge chunk of my collection when I was living in Seattle and didn't have much of a reason to use them. I gravitate towards cat-eyes, and the fact that these are pink make me love them even more.

3. Kypris Antioxidant Dew: This has been on my general skincare wishlist for centuries. and anything that can up the hydration factor on my face is definitely worth a try. Plus every review I've read have had nothing but amazing things to say about it.

4. Maison Louis Marie Candle: I love how simple and pretty this candle looks, and I've seen plenty of rave reviews about their fragrances. Plus the price isn't scary!

5. Swan Ring Holder: I don't tend to buy many small trinkets, and I don't even have that many rings to merit an actual holder, but it's so pretty that I just want to sit it on my desk and stare at it.

6. Jouer Powder Highlighter in Citrine: I have an obscene amount of highlighters for one face, but yet I'm always adding more despite the fact that they probably all end up looking the same. But there's just something about the swatches of Citrine that make me think, "I definitely don't have one like that, and I NEED it."

7. Cirque Colors Nail Polish in Crystal Tokyo: Pink. Glitter. Party. Need I say more?

8. Petra Collins: Coming of Age: I love Petra Collins' photography - the colors, the mood, the lighting, I could pore over her photos all day. I desperately want this book, and is probably the first thing I'll pick up for myself out of the list.

9. Tatcha The Silk Canvas Face Primer: The packaging is stunning, but the description of a "velvety priming balm of pressed silk" is what really sells me. I tend to have a bit of texture and bumpiness that needs some smoothing out, and I'd love to see if this helps to make foundation application a little easier. 

10. Fresh Sugar Dream Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy: The original Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment is my all time favorite lip balm of life. It's one of my most repurchased items, and now it comes in a lovely pink shade that I'm dying to add to my collection. This $26 lip treatment is worth every penny.

Clearly I'm not a flower and chocolates type of person, but a new serum? Now that's my kind of Valentine.