Empties #5


Body care, skincare, hair care, hand care - it's all here. Let's dig through my empties.

Parodi Professional Care Daily Moisturizing Hand Cream* (2 fl oz., $18): I have an absolutely ridiculous amount of hand creams. If you look in any corner, any purse, any shelf in my house, there is a hand cream. It's as if they've infested the place. Despite having a decades worth of hand cream, I kept reaching for this one, because it's simple and effective. I find that it moisturizes really well, sinks in fast, and keeps my hands moisturized all day without any greasiness or sticky film. Some of the ingredients include shea butter, almond oil & argan oil, and it has a subtle citrus scent that fades quickly (which I prefer, considering I'm usually wearing perfume). Halfway through using it, my husband ended up claiming it as his own, so obviously this household approves.

Meant The Wonder Polish (6.7 fl oz., $43): This claims to be a two-in-one moisturizing body scrub using ground coffee & sugar to exfoliate, and a blend of oils to moisturize. It also claims to help with cellulite, scarring, and promotes healing, toning & firming. I'm not so sure about the back half of those claims, because my scars and cellulite are alive and well, and in the words of Tai from Clueless "my buns, they don't feel nothing like steel." But, performance wise, it works well on both the scrub & the moisturizing front - once I'm out of the shower there's definitely a film of oil left behind that keeps my skin happy. BUT. THE. PACKAGING. Once I got about halfway through the bottle, it was a struggle to try and get any product out. I think maybe the hole is just too small for the lumps of coffee grounds to get through, and a tub would probably be a better choice. I've seen a lot of people cut the bottle open to get the product out, but y'know, I'd rather shake the hell out of it. Lastly, I was able to pick this up via Palm Picks for a super discounted price, but it's $43 full price, and that actually blows my mind. My favorite scrubs are from Soap & Glory, and those will run you about $12 from Target. The choice is yours.

Amika Nourishing Mask (2 oz., $10): I got this in an Influenster box, and actually really enjoyed it! I like the smell, it left my hair feeling soft, and was kinda reminiscent of the Aussie 3-Minute Miracle I love so much. I obviously got the mini version, and it was easy for travel plus I could use it as an everyday conditioner without it weighing my hair down. I'd definitely pick up another mini the next time I need a travel option.

Allies of Skin Molecular Saviour Mist* (1.69 fl oz, $55): This is a lovely hydrating mist that includes aloe, rosewater, and a blend of antioxidants and probiotics. Some mists can tend to feel like they're "evaporating" on your face, but this one really clings and hydrates my skin, and not just for the brief moment my face is damp with the mist. It did leave behind a slight tackiness, but it went away once I applied my other steps. I have a zillion mists in rotation right now, but I would purchase this since it's more deeply hydrating than some of my other mists. Definitely more of a wintertime staple for me!

Pai Head to Toe Hero Balm* (50 ml, $30): Somehow I've managed to accumulate quite a few balms and body butters so I've been able to compare their consistencies and moisturizing power, and out of all of them, this one is top of the heap. It is THICC, although I never had an issue getting it out of the tube, but you do have to squeeze it like you mean it. I've used this on my lips, my body, my feet, basically everywhere except my face, and it kept my skin soft and protected during the coldest days of winter, or the dryest days of my indoor heating. For a small bottle it lasts quite a good while (this lasted me about 7 months), so come next winter, it's definitely on my shopping list.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser (1.6 fl oz., $15): I picked up this travel size version before heading on a trip, and it reminded me how much I enjoy this cleanser. It's a gel cleanser that foams up but doesn't strip my skin or make my face feel tight or squeaky. It doesn't remove all my makeup, but it does cleanse my skin really well, and I typically grab for this more as a night cleanser for when I have a bit more to remove from my face. I don't find it hydrating, but it's a cleanser that cleanses without drying me out, so it's something I'll always go back to. I'd repurchase, considering this is my zillionth tube of it. 

Murad Professional Eye Lift Firming Treatment (1 fl. oz, $68): I purchased this in a bit of a panic, when I felt like I needed something beyond an eye cream to solve my undereye issues. You're supposed to dab about 3 pumps of treatment under your eyes, then apply an undereye patch (which it comes with) and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. The instructions say a tingling sensation is normal, and I definitely felt a tingle - if not a sting occasionally. Their spotlight ingredient is hyaluronic acid and other "proprietary technologies," and after applying, I did notice a difference in how smooth my undereyes were and how they looked a bit more lifted and awake. At the end of the day, I feel like I can get the same results with some good ol' hydrogel patches (just tried some from Erno Laszlo that are great!), so I won't be repurchasing. 

Make Up Forever Step 1 Smoothing Primer (0.5 oz, $17): This is the mini size of this primer, but its lasted me forever - definitely well over a year. I prefer to use this primer in the summer since it can sometimes accentuate the dryness on my face, but it does help smooth everything out before I go in with my foundation. It never felt too heavy or like it was suffocating my face, and never pilled up or caused me to breakout. Out of the other smoothing primers I've used before, this has been my favorite so far, and I have another one waiting in the wings. Would repurchase, unless something else catches my eye!

Pai Rice Plant & Rosemary BioAffinity Skin Tonic* (50 ml, $56): I feel like I've posted about this a million times on my Instagram, but long story short, this helped hydrate, soothe, and balance my skin so well, I would absolutely purchase. It's simple, doesn't have artificial fragrance or alcohols, uses a blend of floral waters, and is effective without irritating my skin at all. I basically love all things Pai, and this is no different.

I already have a few products that are on the edge of empty, so I'll probably have another batch up pretty soon! I'm working really hard to finish up my products before opening new ones, so here's to a 2018 without an overwhelmingly stuffed skincare stash!

Products marked with an asterisk were gifted, but all opinions are my own.

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