Favorite Products at the Drugstore


Whether I'm doing a skincare or makeup routine, there's always a mix of drugstore products in there since 1. I like a good deal 2. There are some drugstore products that are truly incredible, regardless of the price. My skincare and makeup love really started in the drugstore aisles, and I'll always get excited about patrolling the end caps to see what's on the featured displays. Sure, there are some luxury products that I'm obsessed with, but when you find a $7 product that works just as well? Now that's love. I could list amazing drugstore products for days, but these are some of my favorites.

Thayer's Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel Toner: An alcohol-free toner that is gentle, non-drying, and multi-purpose. I like to use mine either as a toner mist post-cleanse, or on a cotton pad to remove any grit or grime. They have their original bottles and mist options available now in a ton of different varieties, but they just released a Coconut Water one. Two of the best things, combined! For around $7, you can get a 12 oz. bottle that'll last you a good chunk of time.

Wet N' Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder: This highlighter is $5 of blinding, shimmery, gorgeous goodness, and the sheer fact that it's such great quality and so affordable makes me love it that much more - even if the packaging is a little dinky. They have 5 different shades, and the texture is silky (not powdery) and blends into the skin so smooth. It's definitely not a subtle highlight, but I never feel over the top when I'm wearing it. Is it Becca or is it Wet N' Wild? I wouldn't even know the difference.

Pixi Glow Tonic: An old favorite that I go back to time and time again, especially in the winter months when things start getting flaky, dry and congested. I'm not one to regularly use super strong chemical exfoliators, so I appreciate that this is gentle, effective and affordable.

Milani Blushes: I've loved these blushes for yearsss, and while Luminoso is definitely a crowd favorite, there's good reason because it's a gorgeous pinky/peach blush with a lovely shimmer. They have matte and shimmer options, and I find that they have great colors that blend well and don't get patchy on my face. 


Schmidt's Deodorant: Schmidt's is the newer product to me in the bunch, but I'm also newer to the natural deo train and am enjoying the switch. Full disclosure, the amount I sweat and the amount of body odor I deal with is pretty minimal, so I don't think my transition to the natural side has been as tough as others have told me with their experiences. I love the scents that Schmidt's has to offer since they're not your typical "powdery floral" scent- I'm currently using Earth + Wood, and it smells like something I'd actually like people to smell on me!

Peach Slices Acne Spot Dots: I'm highly dependent on hydrocolloid patches, especially because they can spot-treat blemishes without drying my skin out and leaving a flaky mess behind. I find that attacking my blemishes with these vs. a kind of drying lotion makes the post-blemish area easier to deal with in terms of healing. I've also used a ton of the COSRX hydrocolloid patches, but I can easily find the Peach Slices dots in my local CVS.

Elnett Hairspray: The only hairspray I buy and really I haven't looked for anything else after finding this. My hair is quite thick, so finding anything that really holds and can add oomph to my hair for several hours is a struggle. Other hairsprays I try will either disappear after an hour and leave my hair flat, or weigh my hair down, not only leaving it flat but feeling dirty as well. The Elnett Hairspray (I usually get the Extra Hold) actually holds the volume and styling I put into my hair, brushes out into a soft texture if that's what I'm going for, and is just such a reliable go-to. I'm insanely loyal to this hairspray.

*Also, it goes without saying that I am truly a Covergirl Lash Blast fanatic, but since I talk about it endlessly I figured I'd focus on some other bits. But seriously, such a good mascara.