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5 Summer Essentials I'll Be Bringing Into Fall

I'm still in shock that summer is winding down, but these past few months I've had the chance to dive deep into tons of different products, and have found some really amazing summertime staples that I'm planning on keeping in my top shelf for fall.

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Self-Tanner Reviews Part 2: COOLA Sunless Tan

It's the second part to my series on reviewing a ton of self-tanners (last week I chatted about Tan-Luxe). There are so many options out there these days, and COOLA (typically known for SPF options) now has an organic sunless tan collection!

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Self-Tanner Reviews Part 1 : Tan-Luxe Products

With spring upon us, I figured now is the time to start chatting about self-tanners! First up is Tan-Luxe, a brand focused on giving you control to create a “bespoke” tan. They have a wide range of products, but this is my review on the 4 I own.

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