5 Summer Essentials I'll Be Bringing Into Fall


I'm still in shock that summer is winding down, but these past few months I've had the chance to dive deep into tons of different products, and have found some really amazing summertime staples that I'm planning on keeping in my top shelf for fall. Whatever I can do to extend my summer glow, I'm alllllll over it, and as much as I love vampy lips and earthy fall tones, I still want to glow no matter the season. Plus, I'm a bit biased towards the summer, so naturally I'll try to stretch it out as long as I can.

I was introduced to the Australian brand, Bali Body this summer and have fallen particularly hard for 2 of their products that make me feel/look like a healthier, bronzey version of myself. Bonus, they're particuarly easy, no-fuss products (my favorite kind).

Bali Body BB Cream: I love the concept of BB creams - a little moisture, a little tint, a little SPF - yes to all! But for some reason I've been wronged so many times by BB creams that make my medium skin tone look ashy and a little grey. But this BB Cream walked into my life and I was SO HAPPY that it was a color that actually matched me! The shade I have is tan with neutral undertones, and the color match alone had me singing. The texture is a bit thicker, and I wouldn't say it's mousse-y but it has a volume and lightness to it. It goes on sheer, gives me an even base without making my skin look matte or flat, and can be easily blended in with my fingers. Once this is set there's still a slight sheen, like if you applied a moisturizer, but it didn't make me more greasy than I would normally get in this crazy hot weather. It also doesn't drag on any dry spots or accentuate texture, it just melts into the skin so easy. Sometimes BB creams make all these crazy promises and try to be 100 things in one, and I love that this is a simple tinted moisturizer that looks great and wears well. I still wear SPF underneath this, but it does have SPF 15. My skin still looks like skin with this on, just glowy and healthy and more even. Yay for a tan shade that is actually tan and actually neutral, and an extra yay for a BB cream that will be moisturizing enough for the cooler weather.

Bali Body Shimmering Body Oil: there's just something about body oils that make me feel like a summery glistening goddess when I'm out in the sun. I used to be fine with slapping on lotion and calling it a day, but the sheen of a body oil can make such a difference when you're flashing a little leg or shoulder. This shimmering body oil is so mesmerizing when you pour it onto your skin because it's like kira kira in real life. You have to shake up the oil before using and the bottle can get a little messy if you aren't careful (aka me always). The oil itself has a ton of bronze and gold shimmer in it, and the bronze adds a hint of tan while the gold gives the skin a warm sheen. It's a lightweight oil that dries pretty quickly, although you can still feel it a bit on the skin (nothing sticky or annoying). Once you rub it in, the result is a natural-looking glow and you smell like a hint of coconut and summertime. I won't be baring as much skin in the fall, but  when I wear dresses or skirts I'll still want to give my legs a little glow boost, and this is my current go-to glow oil. Plus oils mixed with lotion in the cold weather is one of my favorite things.

Gisou Hair Oil: This hair oil lives up to the Instagram hype. It's the richness of it that just coats the hair and makes it look shiny and healthy, instead of greasy and stringy like some other oils tend to do. It is a bit pricey but a little goes a long way, so the bottle will probably last your forever, AND they just released a travel size version if you don't want to commit to the big one. Probably one of my favorite hair products I've discovered this summer (next to the Ouai Air Dry Foam).

Diptyque Do Son: Do Son is quite a fresh, floral scent which you may not think of when you think fall, but it just smells so good and crisp that I can't possibly shelve it until spring. I feel like I pick out my scents based on how I'm feeling that day versus what the season is, so I imagine I'll be wearing lots of floral scents from my collection come fall.

Urban Decay Born to Run Palette: There are a surprising amount of jewel tones and warm shades in this palette, which means it's 100% coming with me into next season. I don't tend to wear super bright colors, but a pop of that purple smoked out in my lower lash line is right up my alley. The shadows are easy to blend and the shimmers are stunning, plus I can make a ton of looks with this for casual or more dressed-up days. Also taking all the liners with me as well because I love playing with different colors in my waterline.

Are there products that you like to use all year round? Or do you switch out your beauty cabinet for the season?

*this post is sponsored by Bali Body, but all thoughts/opinions/words are my own

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