The Top 3: Moisturizing Masks

Talking about my top 3 moisturizing masks seems very seasonally appropriate considering we're heading into the colder, dryer months, but I actually use hydrating masks all year long. Anytime my skin is dry, dull, tired, or needing a pick-me-up after spending too many nights Netflix bingeing, moisturizing and hydrating masks are my go-to every time. It was pretty difficult to narrow down my top picks, but I found that out of my stash, these are the three I grab for most often.


The Fresh Rose Face Mask is one that I've been praising for years, and that's because it's like a giant band-aid for my face. Let me explain - anytime my skin is angry or exhausted or maybe I just want to pamper myself, this mask swoops in and neutralizes any of the chaos happening on my face. The gel texture soothes my skin while the rosewater hydrates, and after 5-10 minutes and a quick rinse, my face is already 10x better. There's no mess, no residues left behind, but plenty of radiance.

Do I love rose in my skincare? Absolutely - which is why another top 3 mask choice is the Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Rapid Radiance Mask*. The texture of the mask is incredibly creamy and buttery, and incorporates their Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil (another skincare favorite). I leave this on for about 10 minutes, and using a wet muslin cloth, gently remove in upward motions. There is a slight residue left behind, but it's more moisturizing than oily, and it gives my skin radiance and hydration without feeling heavy. In the time it takes me to grab a snack and make some tea, my face is more plump, moisturized and happy. 

If I were to rank these masks in terms of levels of moisturizaton, the LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt* would be top of the heap. Technically this is a hydrating facial balm and can be used during the day as needed, but I like to use it as an overnight treatment since it is quite a rich consistency. The melt is made up of a single ingredient, 100% organic vitellaria nilotica fruit butter, and the texture of it is quite soft and creamy in the jar. I only use a tiny amount since a little goes a long way, and once it hits your skin it immediately melts down into beautiful oil. This product hydrates and moisturizes, while giving my skin a serious glow. I can see where over-applying might cause congestion, but using it sparingly has worked great for me and never given me issues! This will be my winter skin savior.

Do you have any go-to products that always save the day? I clearly can never have enough.

*PR Gifted