Let's begin

When I was very young, my earliest memories of skincare and beauty were of my mom's Pond's cold cream and her appropriately 80's fuchsia blush. Back then, I felt posh if I swiped on my Bonne Bell gloss and popped a little glitter gel on the lids (and maybe on the cheeks if I was really feeling myself). Despite my misguided choices in makeup, I still remember that special feeling of primping, of adding a little "something" that made you feel officially ready to go out and y'know, bike around the cul-de-sac with your bff's and then listen to Alanis Morissette songs whose meanings you didn't fully understand because heartache hadn't come for you yet.

Now, in my 30's and with a little less glitter shadow than before, I still revel in the moments when I can focus on beauty and skincare. One shift from my younger self is that I'm much more invested and focused on the type of products I'm putting on my face - gone are the days where I borrow my friends pink toner even though it burns my face off, or rub a soap bar meant for the body onto my face (CRINGE). I'm hoping that with the little bit I've learned along the way, I can share my thoughts/ideas/stories about skincare, beauty & wellness, and that you can share with me too. Listen, if you've ever bought two lipsticks that were nearly identical, but had to justify to someone else that the undertones were "COMPLETELY DIFFERENT," then you're in the right place. Welcome.